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Dauntless: The Wild Hunt Edition by Marcus Follin (book review)

by Brentley


About the book and the author:

Dauntless: The Wild Hunt Edition (2021) by Marcus Follin is a greatly updated version of the previously released Dauntless (2019). This review will focus only on the new edition as it adds on to the original. Marcus Follin is a Swedish nationalist who has earned his largest following on YouTube, known as The Golden One, while also maintaining a website where he posts book reviews, a podcast with many episodes that he has kept up since January of 2021, as well as a nutrition company, Jotunheim Nutrition, that sells supplements, whey, coffee, and more. He also runs a clothing business, Legio Gloria, which has a very wide selection of fine clothing produced in Europe and shipped all over the world. Furthermore, he is a bodybuilder, and participates in MMA training. He has a wife and daughter, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Economics from Uppsala University.


Nothing pertinent to a young Western man is spared from the discussion in Dauntless. In many parts of the book it can be felt that Follin is speaking in a way that possibly answers a question he asked when writing this book: "What would I tell myself if I were younger? What wisdom have I gained that is vital?" And he answers it by delivering a well-constructed book that dedicates a half of itself to the inward focus on topics of Religion, physical training, martial arts, nutrition, breathing exercises, and meditation- and the other half to an outward focus on topics such as beauty, History, civilization, Politics, hierarchy, male friendship, and Nationalism.

(Photo of Follin in a shirt he offers on Legio Gloria)

The introductory chapter serves as a quick discussion on the state of affairs in Western Civilization, while also informing the reader how important their mindset is in regards to our collective future. Immediately, the book takes us into discussions on physical training and information about nutrition. His mention of the book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, by the dentist Weston A. Price, was specifically very noteworthy to me as the dental health of civilizations really is a great place to begin in finding what kind of diet is best for us to follow. Follin gave an all-encompassing take on Testosterone in this chapter as well: To avoid any steroids, but to focus on natural methods to increase it. As well as this: If you do begin use of steroids, stay on them for life- as the body’s natural ability to produce Testosterone goes away during use and requires a very long time to recover. The sheer importance of testosterone and its impact on men is very clearly regarded in this book. As a sort of life force for men- with a low testosterone level, a man is reduced to such a low level of enjoyment in life and energy.

(from Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price)

The workout plans and examples of meals are very useful, as Follin is a man who has proven his worth through and through as someone we should listen to regarding health. His vitality is his credential. Anyone can benefit greatly from the advice he gives on nutrition and exercise. Some of his advice, for example when he is discussing some basics of clothing, grooming, nutritional advice, or even political takes- it can seem very basic. This book is not just meant for someone who is on the same level as the author, though. Anyone will benefit, and it is also very important that we do at times review these things that we imagine we know like the back of our hands. The difference of perspective when considering even the most basic of things can be exceedingly beneficial and can lead to an enormous impact on the reader.

The worldview of the author- how he processes ideas and a bit of the inner workings of his mind are shown here in his book. This was exceedingly profound to me as I read some examples of imagery given by Follin. His imagination is very vivid and epic. He uses imagery similar to: “imagine you are swimming down to an underwater mythical city and diving to find treasure.” He may be describing what he considers as he practices holding his breath underwater, but this kind of thought process stands out as something deeply profound due to how uncommon thoughts like this seem to be to the average person. It is also very invigorating to hear such things as these shockingly beautiful places or situations- the subject of fantasy, ancient History, or of mythical origins- it is just simply awe-inspiring. It is also clear that Follin is involved very deeply in his mind in all activities. It is my understanding that he utilizes his mind/imagination to picture such epic and glorious things- and these visions in a way command his life.

(Ghost Castle by Mark Ferrari)

The sections related to religion were very thought-invoking for me. It again is something that seems to be just so far away from typical discussions- the topic of religion is seldom brought up today anywhere in contemporary Western society. Follin, as well as many others- notably a fairly close associate of his, Tom Rowsell, a Historian who also goes by the name of Survive the Jive share the view that we are living in a deeply religious age- yet the problem here is that this is a globalized religion that paves the way for a globalized future. Mr. Rowsell went deeper into this discussion in a speech he gave at the PAGAN FUTURES conference in London. While promoting a Pagan worldview and having a deeply-rooted interest in the ancestral Pagan religion of Europeans, Follin does not make himself an enemy of Christianity. He sees Christianity as being shaped more by Europeans than Europeans by Christianity, and gives examples as to why this is so. He also recommends for someone with a Christian background to continue on in a Christian faith, but for an atheist, he recommends them to look more deeply into Paganism. The ritualistic nature and community aspects of religion are very necessary to humanity. We can never escape this, and this is why we see rituals and community forming around the hugely popular contemporary religion of equality and globalism- albeit grotesque rituals and a horde of zombies in commune- yet still are there rituals and community.

(Baldur by Johannes Gehrts)

The political discussions in the book are very simple and easy to understand. While there is not much historical background given, by all means, it is just 100% logical and easily-understood conclusions with bulletproof premises. There is no discussion to be found about theories regarding the origin of the transgenders or of how a young boy could be tricked into thinking he is gay by society. There is no talk of and thereafter discussion of the contemporary political implications of men tossing themselves into volcanoes out of an iron-held conviction that they will be reborn into gods- this is not Bronze Age Mindset. This is a very well-argued showcasing of Follin’s worldview regarding many topics. It is not as notable as many other subjects within the book, but it is clear that Follin spoke here about the topics that are very dear to him. One can feel as he reads the sections related to care for the women and specifically daughters, that he is speaking from a place in his heart that is closely tied to his relationship with his wife and his daughter. There is that extra piece of emphasis here in the writing and that’s what sets it apart from the rest of the book in the mind of the reader. The topics discussed in the political sections are very relevant to his target audience- young white men. While the discussions are not designed in a way to be a heavy assault on the scaffolding of modernity and contemporary lunacy, they are simply just proper conclusions for a proper man to carry about the world around him. This being said, it is clear that Follin is an avid reader of books of a political nature. There is still plenty of room as well for him to create a writing that is more politically-focused. This could possibly be the book he is releasing next year.

(Wotan takes leave of Brunhild (1892) by Konrad Dielitz)

Is Dauntless a book I recommend?

I can recommend this book to any man, and be sure that they will benefit in some way by reading it. I read the original Dauntless from 2019, and I can remember how different I was back then. I can see how I have changed by comparing my reaction to the material in the book from 2019 and now. Even with much personal growth, still, I find this book to have been very beneficial for me and I must include it as a book that I keep to go through the sections every now and then and also for any sources that were included on topics I find to be of great interest to myself- such as the references within the sections on religion.

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